Welcome to SmartParts Paintball HQ, the official UK distributors of DLX Luxe®, Shocker® RSX, Freak™, GOG® Paintball and SmartParts™ products.


At SmartParts Paintball, not only will you find the biggest range of markers and barrels by these suppliers in Europe but technical videos, advice, and games showing our showcase teams like Houston Heat, Vision France and Joy Division using these products. The entire range of technical manuals and parts lists for our products is posted on the site to help you maintain your equipment, and of course you can arrange a service by our specialist techs whenever you want.

With a wealth of experience playing and working in all types of paintball, our staff can recommend the perfect products for your use all the way from starters to international tournament players. We have great sponsorship deals available for teams of all levels and we welcome new distributors for all or some of our range.

This website is run by BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd, the new UK Distributors for all your Luxe, Shocker, GOG and Freak product needs.

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